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There are various sound clips and videos available online of Pieter Bezuidenhout's music. Here are some highlights. 


The word AULA (aʊlə) refers to a large space where people can congregate or meet and is frequently used for concerts, ceremonies and performances. In giving this album the title AULA, it becomes a metaphor that represents the concert space where these works exist in. This AULA becomes a space where you don't come to listen to these works but where they are performed for you.


"This story of this album has been in the making for the last 10 years. Included on this album are some of the most beloved works that I have composed over the span of the last decade. Including works for solo instruments, solo voice works adapted from stage and chamber music productions."

Album Cover -AULA.jpg
Africaine Incognito from the Dismotief suite
For Chamber ensemble consisting of Piano, Violin, Viola
and two Cellos. Originally composed for the production Dismotief, this performance was given by an ad hoc ensemble in 2012 during the Aardklop National Arts Festival in Potchefstroom.
Meeting with Orpheus from Tallard and the Ladderbird
For Piano, Solo Viola, Choir and Solo Soprano. Taken from the soundtrack of the stage play Tallard and the Ladderbird. This performance was given by Pieter Bezuidenhout on piano, Jean-Louise Parker on Viola, The Horizons Project Choir and Jessica Ng singing the soprano solo.
For SATB divisi a capella choir. Comissioned by the University of Pretoria Camerata in 2010, in this recording the Camarata is conducted by Christo Burger.

Youtube videos

Performed by the Stellenbosch University Chamber Choir.
Conducted by Martin Berger 
Performed by the Vox Chamber Choir
Conducted by Franco Prinsloo
Performed by the Horizons Project Choir
Conducted by Pieter Bezudenhout
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