Conducted and Directed by

Pieter Bezuidenout

The Horizons Project Choir is a Pretoria based chamber choir which specializes in the performance of choral music written by young South African composers. The aim of the Horizons Project is not simply to stimulate the creation of new South African choral music; but to stimulate the creation of a new generation of South African choral composers. There are 2 projects a year, each one focusing on a different genre of choral compositions.

The Choir consists of 24 hand-picked singers. By inviting specific ‘head-hunted’ singers to join the choir and not just having open public auditions, allows us to hold an extremely high level of musicianship, technical ability and an exclusivity that makes our sound unique. The choir is conducted and directed by Pieter Bezuidenhout
Life, Light, And Love
by Kristi Boonzaaier
Shall I Compare thee
by Franco Prinsloo
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Iwandered lonely as a cloud by Elani Willemse
Sonnet 27 
by Franco Prinsloo