New single release by the Horizons Project Choir of my choral work titled Toring. It will be featured on there newest album Origins which will release in January 2021

On the 1st of September 2020 the Junger Kammerchor Lecente will be premiering a special Virtual Project of my choral work Stardance. The Junger Kammerchor Lucente is a Chamber Choir based in Munich, Germany and is conducted by Inga Bruseke 

Performance of Die Nuwe Verbond that I conducted at Poetry International in Rotterdam with Antjie Krog and Antoni Schonken. This work gained critical acclaim earlier in 2019 when it was presented at both the US Woordfees and the Suid-Ooosterfees in Cape Town. The performances were made possible by the Nationale Afrikaanse Teater Iniatief (NaTi)

The Royal Madness takes another leap, this time into the realm of trap covers! Using nothing but 8 human voices, we present "Outside", a trap-style acapella mash-up.

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